In spite of its simple user interface this app offers great complexity with managing the server technology side. Safebit app is a platform developed for custom implementations in the enterprise business segment; also suitable for personal or small team usage.


Built on top of the basic solution the newly created project is adding extra value through integrating blockchain technology, decentralizing project management and bringing in new developers as project partners.


Blockchain-based assets created (issued on NXT and Colored Coins platforms) and integrated to manage different aspect of our service:

  • new project “virtual founds” with voting privileges – for equity distribution (NXT MS SFBAS equity share assets)
  • monthly/yearly membership fee compensation (NXT MS SFBAS tokens)
  • service usage (storage/GB) fee compensation (Colored Coin SFBIT circulating assets)

Backend environment for user’s anonymous file storage and decentralized “HDD mining” will be ready after the one year test period, ensuring that:

  • we provide the most secure, private and efficient cloud storage with the encryption services provided at the user client side, storing everything in a completely decentralized manner
  • security and trust are subject no more, no need to worry any more about the server reliability, malicious hackers, rotten employees or double-faced whitehat firms etc.

The only kind of digital security - safebased one

Privacy became a serious issue. We are getting more aware of the fact that our digital files are not stored safely, or with long-term reliability in mind. A solution that addresses these challenges of the modern digital world is much anticipated. This is where we come in.

When we talk about security it is necessary to examine all aspects of it. Security can be called that way only when it is absolute. There cannot be partial security. The solution is either safe or it is not. initial campaign announcement solution is opening a service to bitcoin holders trough crowdfunding campaign! ! Exclusive offers are awaiting everyone who supports us during the campaign period. Bitcoin based founding is really important to us because we are not creating a new “startup firm” with this project, but a new DAO (decentralized autonomous organization)! An organization which will use the safebit software solution and business model provided by the private person group – the team.

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Our safe cloud data storage project highlights:

  • no monitoring, no censorship, no downtime – but still on a cloud storage platform
  • basic technology environment allowing decentralized and secure data storage
  • incorporating blockchain technology wisely, extra security and anonymity achieved by public/private key encryption and cryptographic hash functions of existing, most appropriate cryptocurrency 2.0 platforms (NXT and Colored coins)
  • security issues are reconsidered extremely carefully and incorporated in the app as well as in the server infrastructure environment, all built “from the scratch”
  • custom end-to-end methods combined with most advanced blockchain technology create new, most secured and completely decentralized online file storage solution
  • client-side encryption, before file uploading
  • all files get double hard-encrypted, chopped, randomized and distributed by totally unrecognizable packages, all around the network
  • end users can rent their free HD space and bandwidth, and by doing so are earning cryptocurrency/assets, which can be used later to store securely their own data
  • file restoring is possible using only exact, network registered device in combination with a private key, there are no other servers where file content can be compromised, at all

The bottom line

...peace of mind for the user with our totally secure, stable and even anonymous cloud storage service, governed by decentralized, direct democracy oriented management core team, but still keeping the centralized license monitoring system